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Emory United Methodist Church
Ellicott City, Maryland
Marriage Records 1941 - 1962
   Records of Emory Church have been deposited at the Howard County Historical Society (HCHS) for safe keeping. The church gave permission to the Howard County Genealogical Society (HCGS) to transcribe the records. Anybody can search the marriage records by specifying a surname, or a part of a surname. The names of the groom and bride will be returned, along with the year of marriage. HCGS members can click on the eyeball icon to see additional details about the record, including the full date of marriage and the residence of the groom and bride.
   Marriage records for the Emory Church began in 1866. The Historical Society has an online database of marriage licenses issued by Howard County from 1865 through 1940. That database will include many of the marriages found in the Emory Church records. This site only presents the Emory marriage records from 1941 through 1962.
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Marriage Year Groom Surname   Groom Forename Bride Surname Bride Forename
1943 Abendscheim Fred J Lenigar Laura E
1961 Abendschein Chester B Whitley Betty
1956 Abernathy Charles R Sykes Margaret O'Dell
1950 Abner Tracy Draper Julia Reed
1960 Abshire Raymond C Paiste Anne Elizabeth
1942 Acord Robert L Smeltzer Dorothy O
1954 Acquive Joseph Vito Hutchins Beverly Thompson
1958 Acree Edward Irving Hartmann Mary Louise
1961 Adamos Florencio F Coard Virginia
1949 Adams Charles Arthur, Jr Thomas Ethel Mae
1960 Adams Joan J Hensley Betty Naomi
1960 Adams Jon Michael Fischer Carole Anne
1949 Adams Leon Joseph McCullough Mildred Lucille
1942 Adams Milford L Murray Grace A
1946 Adams William Frederick Barto Christina
1962 Adamski Richard E Jacobs Marlene C
1959 Adcock Harley R DeLapotane Jacqueline P
1958 Adcock Preston Aubrey Schaffer Lillian Pauline
1962 Adcock Raymond J Johnson Patricia A
1957 Addicks George William Colleran Mildred Ruth
1953 Adkins Arvil Ray Lockard Joann
1944 Adkins Joseph W Allen Elizabeth V
1943 Adkinson Paul W Ray Florence E
1950 Affeld Glennas Edward Hokuf Naomi Anita
1947 Aguilar Gifford Jean Sellers Claire Belle
1950 Ainsden Frederick Edward Day Norma Marie
1949 Airey Irvin Arthur Hallikas Mary Regina
1945 Aist Wilmar Francis Carr Eileen Beryl
1958 Ait David R Smith Linda Lee
1956 Akers Beckwith Thomas Gaskins Essie Marie
1958 Akers Glen W Jacobson Kathryn Agnes
1949 Alascio Harry Anthony Phillips Joan Gwendolyn
1950 Albanese Anthony Rauter Elizabeth Sylvia
1946 Albanese Vincent Frank Casbaro Olivia
1949 Albert Norman Kenneth Gonzalez Norma
1958 Albrecht Earl S Porter Gladys M
1948 Albright James Russell Wingfield Virginia Loretta
1955 Alder Joseph Franklin Cain Ruth Jean
1943 Alderman Bennett E Furhman Mary N
1947 Alesio Alexander S Amroch Frances
1956 Alexander Arnold U, Jr Lamartina Theresa F
1947 Alexander Arnold Upton, Jr Hemp Hilda Jane
1955 Alexander Dave William Rossiter Margaret Marie
1960 Alexander Edwin M Lease Evelyn Virginia
1942 Alexander John G McCounie Elsie C
1953 Alexander Richard Raymond Jenkins Colleen Frances
1956 Alford William Earl Edwards Nancy Frances
1961 Alkire Daniel C Presock Gladys R
1948 Allen Charles David Myers Nancy Marie
1950 Allen Emmett Howard, Jr Mattheur Alice May
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