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Bible Records Several years ago the society sponsored a family bible recording session. People were urged to bring their family bibles in and have them carefully recorded by the society who would then archive the information. Copies of these recordings are stored at the Howard County Historical Society’s Library in Ellicott City. Here below are the family names listed in each Family Bible recording. • AMMERMAN (Swartz, Becher, Holman, Moore, Fetterolf, Shaw, Risdon, Heinbaugh, Mathieu, Cherry, Brandt, Ramsey, Hanna) • ASIRE (Lamb, Hineman) • BRADLEY/GOSLINE (Haubeil, Casler, Moffitt, Kontz, Koru, Smith) DeBAUFRE (Powers, Deal, Dasch, Repp, Reiter, Lee, Lumley, Sower), • DIETRICH (Groner,) • EBERT (Pentz, Wilson, Kellen, Burnbow) • EDMOND (Hardcastle, Frazer, Guthrie, Bozman, Sutton) • GALBRAITH (White, Yeager, Stitt, Courtney) • HELM (Ray) • LOGUE (Heisler, Joyce, Collins,) • McATEE (Gross, Miller, Divil Biss, Riggleman, Rockwell, Stotler, Twigg, Smith, Kasekamp, Brown) • MERREY (Rutter, Souder, Collings, George, Potts, Mahon, Wilson, Pearce, Harvey, Harris, Townshend, Howard, Aldridge, Davis) • MILLS (Magruder, Wise, Slothouer, Clark, Reiss, Waring, Collins, Miller, Ray, Hyde. Townsend) • MYERS (Dolan) • SMITH (Cottom, McNish, Brooks, Watkins, Cronmiller, Oberweiser, Welling, Champayne, Gardner, Heath, Baster, Marbury, Coale, Bansemer, Halvorson, Conner, Steiger, Hutton, Gravatte, Ogle, Woodward) • VOORHEES (Carter. Worstell, Cook, Posner, Beck, Dobler, Husk, Botsford) • WATKINS (Cronmiller, Conner, Marbury, Hutton, Dean, Gillet, Gardner, Hardy, Bansemer,Gravatte, Halverson) • WHITMORE (Hostetter, Ebbert, Mackley, Litsinger, Pennell, Schingnech, Wall, Johnson, Blanchard, Joseph, Harding, Griffin) • WILSON (Elliott, Phillips)
Uploaded: 31 December 2014