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Speaker Compensation
Policy from the Executive Board Meeting Minutes – October 22, 2016
  • Members who participate in a portion of a program will be considered to be volunteering their time for the benefit of the Society and will not otherwise be compensated.
  • Members who normally receive compensation for delivering their programs outside HCGS will be compensated at the agreed-upon fee when presenting a program at an HCGS meeting.
  • Other members who present a program at an HCGS meeting will be compensated with a complimentary one-year membership extension.
Procedure for Compensating Speakers
  1. The Program Chair and/or the President will determine the appropriate form of compensation.
  2. If a fee is to be paid, the Program Chair will notify the Treasurer to write and deliver (or mail) a check to the presenter. The Treasurer will notify the Program Chair when the check has been sent.
  3. If compensation is to be a complimentary membership, the Program Chair will give the member some form of documentation that indicates he or she will receive a one-year extension to their membership (this can be done before, at, or after the presentation).
  4. A copy of that documentation will then be e-mailed to the following:
    1. Membership Chair — for posting to the manual membership records.
    2. Communications Chair — for posting to the automated membership records on the website.
    3. Secretary — to ensure that the minutes of the meeting at which the presentation was made reflect the extension.
  5. In the automated membership system, the membership extension will be posted as a one-year Renewal (using the Renewal icon) and payment coded as Comp (Complimentary).
  6. Once the renewal is posted, the system automatically sends a “thank-you for renewing” e-mail — this is a confirmation to the member that his or her membership has been extended for one year. If the member does not have an e-mail address, the Membership Chair will send a written confirmation of the membership extension. The Secretary will include the member’s name and notification of the membership extension in the minutes of the respective meeting and in the Secretary’s report to the next Board meeting.