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Duties of the HCGS Facilities Special Activity
  1. . Arrange for facilities for the General Membership monthly meetings to include:
    • Sufficient space for typical meeting attendance for a growing organization. Currently that represents a minimum of 50 attendees, but that number may change.
    • Chairs setup for expected attendance and taken down afterwards if necessary.
    • Tables setup for greeters, snacks, membership, publications, and browsing table, and other special activities as needed, and taken down afterwards if necessary.
    • Digital projector and large screen.
    • Computer with capability for slide projection along with projector cable.
    • WiFi connection to the internet, if available.
    • Microphone and sound system with good quality.
  2. Coordinate with the Program Chairman on any special facility needs requested by program speakers and arrange to have available at the meeting, if possible.
  3.  Arrange for facilities for the bimonthly Executive Board meetings to include:
    • Sufficient space f or typical meeting attendance of approximately 12 persons.
    • Chairs setup for the attendees and a conference table if possible.
    • WiFi connection to the internet, if available.
  4. Arranging for facilities includes reserving free facilities and/or contracting for paid facilities, with the overall goal of minimizing society expenses.
    • Dates should be planned as far in the future as practical, and provided timely to the President, the Program Chairman, and the Newsletter Editor.
    • Alternative dates m ay need to be arranged on short notice due to weather and other unknown events.
  5.  Arrange for the Treasurer to provide payment for the contracted facilities. Multiple dates  may be paid for at the same time. Provide projected expenses to the Treasurer and President, as requested.
  6. Retain possession of any Society owned equipment such as projectors, computers, cables, etc.
  7. Other duties as necessary to ensure adequate and effective facilities are available when needed by the HCGS.
Duties of the Communications Special Activity
  1.  In concert with the Membership Chairman, maintain the “official” HCGS membership database consisting of:
    • - Names and contact information (phone number, postal address, email address, etc.) of all society members.
    • - Names and contact information of all organizations with which we correspond.
    • - Membership renewal dates.
  2. Coordinate with the Membership Chairman to reconcile and ensure an up-to-date listing of all members, including:
    • - Adding and removing names each month according to membership standing.
    • - Emailing dues renewal and past due notices as required.
    • - Recording and maintaining data on Members Participation Interests gained from membership applications, interest lists, and other sources.
  3. Coordinate with the Publications Chairman and the Browsing Table activity leader to ensure an up-to-date listing of outside organizations that should receive our newsletters.
  4. Provide the Newsletter Editor with up-to-date postal addresses to print address labels for those members and organizations that elect to receive postal newsletters. Print the actual labels as necessary.
  5. Using the official HCGS mailbox address,, provide essential communications to society members and organizations who have provided email addresses, including the email version of the newsletter provided by the Newsletter Editor.
  6. Forward email announcements to all members and/or organizations as requested by the President and Board Members.
  7. Provide electronic and/or hardcopies of the membership and/or organization listings to Board Members as requested.
  8. In concert with the website system administrator, ensure secure electronic backup storage of the membership database to enable retrieval in case of technical problems, and also provide the Newsletter Editor with the means for retrieval of the backups in case of other emergencies.
  9. Other duties as necessary to establish and maintain effective communications with the HCGS membership.
  10. The extent to which all the above duties are necessary may change as the Society gradually migrates to a greater Website presence in the coming years, and associated Board decisions.